Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Lip Gloss Favorites!

NARS lip gloss in Turkish Delight!  I have been using this gloss for about 2.5 years, on my second tube.  This gets mixed review and comments, but here's mine.   I LOVE IT!  I sport his alone for an ultra nude lip or layer it over pale pinks or lilacs for a very sexy, demure versatile look that is oh-so-60's!  It's subtle, but makes a huge statement.  I love this look best paired with dramatic eyes.  It's supposed to be an opaque-ish pink, but in closer examination it borderlines a pale peach as well.  Not too impressed in the scent department, just a plain gloss smell, almost like a spoiled, stagnant smell, and you have to reapply quite often, wears off quickly.

I can't praise this product enough!  I bought this product in PLUSH a few weeks ago.  (Pink, of course ;)!) I thought I would be toally disappointed, albeit I was pleasantly surprised!  I imagined a common gloss, over the top shine, (which I love by the way), and extremely see-thru.  WRONG on all fronts!  1. The name of it says it all!  High Intensity Pigment.  It's pretty substantial, goes on pretty thick, it's a great quality product.  2. Pretty long lasting, unless the intoxicating smell of cotton candy is too tempting and you eat it off too quickly, LOL.  3. It's not sticky or goopy, think Clear Lip Glass from MAC.  4.  DID I MENTION THAT IT SMELLS EXACTLY LIKE COTTON CANDY??  5. I just adore this gloss alone or layered on top of pinks, reds, lilacs, and pinky browns, it's pretty shiny, but not like a Lip Glass from MAC.   

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ANGE said...

OOH - i just ordered plush online and i am soooo excited to receive it!! i love the HIP line - great pigmented colours :)