Friday, January 16, 2009

Red Chocolate Heart Shaped Valentine Candies with Rum Filling

Nina's Culinary Creations shows off more dazzling Valentine's Day decadent delights with Red Chocolate Heart Shaped Rum Truffles, adorned with petite white fondant flower centers for a delicate touch!

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Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Glosses

Top to bottom:

1.  Melonrageous

2.  Pearadise

3.  Tropicool

4.  Slice of Heaven

5.  Candy Baby

6.  Cherry Bomb

7.  Strawberry Fizz

I love wearing these glosses, they smell amazing and have awesome shine.  Only one little caveat:  a little too sticky.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

More Lip Gloss Favorites!

NARS lip gloss in Turkish Delight!  I have been using this gloss for about 2.5 years, on my second tube.  This gets mixed review and comments, but here's mine.   I LOVE IT!  I sport his alone for an ultra nude lip or layer it over pale pinks or lilacs for a very sexy, demure versatile look that is oh-so-60's!  It's subtle, but makes a huge statement.  I love this look best paired with dramatic eyes.  It's supposed to be an opaque-ish pink, but in closer examination it borderlines a pale peach as well.  Not too impressed in the scent department, just a plain gloss smell, almost like a spoiled, stagnant smell, and you have to reapply quite often, wears off quickly.

I can't praise this product enough!  I bought this product in PLUSH a few weeks ago.  (Pink, of course ;)!) I thought I would be toally disappointed, albeit I was pleasantly surprised!  I imagined a common gloss, over the top shine, (which I love by the way), and extremely see-thru.  WRONG on all fronts!  1. The name of it says it all!  High Intensity Pigment.  It's pretty substantial, goes on pretty thick, it's a great quality product.  2. Pretty long lasting, unless the intoxicating smell of cotton candy is too tempting and you eat it off too quickly, LOL.  3. It's not sticky or goopy, think Clear Lip Glass from MAC.  4.  DID I MENTION THAT IT SMELLS EXACTLY LIKE COTTON CANDY??  5. I just adore this gloss alone or layered on top of pinks, reds, lilacs, and pinky browns, it's pretty shiny, but not like a Lip Glass from MAC.   

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Makeup Looks...

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

5 Disappointing Old Timers

I don't like to post negative comments about any product, but honesty is the best policy.  I have only tried three of the five I will mention, to be quite honest.  However, after conducting a little research, I deduced that the remaining with their not-so-positive qualities don't even merit a whirl. 

Johnson's Baby Oil

Two words really sum this up: Mineral oil.  You don't want that anywhere near your skin,  mineral oil offers zero benefit to your skin.  Removing your makeup with this is drying to the eye area.  The molecular structure of oil is too large to penetrate the often tight pores of the eye area, do not be fooled into thinking you're moisturizing the eye area and can forego an effective eye cream.  Also, the baby powder fragrance = alcohol content = eventual dryness = wrinkles.  Lastly, I never liked anything baby powder scented to begin with.  I used this once when I was younger after shaving my legs.  Nightmare!  Also, may cause milia around the eye area.

Cetaphil Cleanser

I know this gets rave reviews on a daily basis and people would buy this in gallons if it were manufactured in such a way.  I tried this after seeing how Allure elevated it to celestial status.  I didn't see the magic in it whatsoever.  I felt that I had a film left on my face, neck and decollete, my makeup was smeared, not removed, and it was stuck in my lashes and got into my eyes.  I tried flushing it out, but everything was blurry, felt as if I was swimming with my eyes open for about 15 minutes.  I also like a cleanser to foam up, tried the foamy version, still disappointed.  I tried this without water too, felt grimier than before I started, almost like my skin was suffocating.  I am probably one of the very few who has nothing positive to say about this, but I am ok with that.  

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

I love Maybelline's Full & Soft Mascara.  I would agree if it replaced this one.  The wand is to sparse to allow for thick beautiful lashes.  I tried it, wasn't thrilled about it.  Too bad, the packaging is super cute!


I detest mayo on everything, I can't even fathom wearing it on my head for moisturizing benefits.  The smell would make me nauseous.  You might as well crack a couple of eggs on your head, because that's the key ingredient in this sloppy mess.  There are wonderful deep conditioners on the market that will make your hair lustrous and beautiful and none of them require this artery-clogging smelly goop.

Sea Breeze Astringent

This is the product that has made women scared to death about using toners.  Of course, no one wants to dehydrate their skin, but in using this, parched skin is the result.  In the treatment room, I use toners as hydrators, refresher sprays, and to remove excess masque or other products.  I also love using it on planes, at the beach, hot summer days, or whenever my skin needs a refreshing mist to feel alive.  Toners are fabulous for adding extra hydration, just make sure yours doesn't contain alcohol.  Also, I have mentioned before how I love the toniques by Eminence.  In most cases, I spritz them directly on my face, neck, decollete, body, and not on a cotton ball/round as to not waste product frivolously absorbed and tossed out.

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Bumble & Bumble Thickening Spray

Can't rave about this product enough.  Perfect for fine hair.  I have medium hair, not fine but not thick either.  But I do have lots of it, and it's heavy.  A few sprays of this magic potion to the roots of damp hair, round brush and a good hair dryer later, I am on my way to fullness and volume in no time at all.  I love that it lasts all day!  The smell is amazing, Bumble knows how to add subtle yet intriguing scents to their products that don't compete or over power your perfume.  I typically don't like to apply a hairspray, I feel it's too much product and it can weigh my tresses down, without sounding like an infomercial at 3 a.m., I found this doubles as a hairspray.  Yet another bonus?  It only costs $20 at the salon, and it lasts me about a year and a half!  Yes!  You only need to apply little product for fabulous results!  That's when you know you're getting your money's worth.  

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Pink Moon Boots by Tecnica

I find these boots simply gorgeously cute.  I am not a ski bunny by any means, but I won't let that deter me from wearing these!  I love the idea of Uggs, and the look, but not the source.  I don't care how comfortable they are.  I have always bought what I call, "Fuggs", fake Uggs!  Want that Ugg comfort?  Wear ultra thick socks, et voila!

Tecnica makes glamorous pink snow boots and best of all they are cruelty free!  I think the white ones are adorable too.


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Avon Dew Kiss

Since I am steadily surfing the pink wave, I though it would be appropriate to add this oldie but goodie to the bunch!  I was about 12 when I first came across this lip balm.  Instantly, the soft scent captured me, then the slight pink sheen and moisturizing effects.  I have not used it since, and I don't know why.  I can't wait until an Avon Lady comes calling to place my order, by the way, it's only $.99, can't beat that!

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MAC Snob + Benefit Kiss Me = Love!!

I love this combination of pinks and the fact that Snob is a matte finish, and grabs and holds the intense shine of Kiss Me!  They also smell great together and give lips a lovely wash of baby pink.  So sweet!


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So charming...

If it's little and cute, I like it!  If I can wear it on a necklace, I love it!  Cute little charms from Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany Blue Box Charm $150

Cupcake Charm $150

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MAC + Hello Kitty collide

The tough chick comes out in Hello Kitty as she collaborates with MAC to create an adorable, just-have-to-get-your-hands-on collection!  Hello Kitty reminds me of a cutsie Barbie! Timeless and fearless beauty icons, they have it all and do it all!  Look at her pretty dress, such a cute little diva!

Nice Kitty Lipglass $14

Tinted Lip Conditioner in Pink Fish $14.50

Reflects Glitter in Reflects Blue, Reflects Very Pink, respectively $17.50

Beauty Powder Blush in Tippy $18

Nail Lacquer in Something About Pink $11

Kitty Kouture at its finest, Swarovski Crystals, very glamorous!  Available only at MAC stores or

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

16 Random Facts

I love acrylic nails and I do them all by myself.  I can only have them on for a weekend or a few days considering my profession. That being said, I also do my own pedicures, hair, facials and other beauty treatments, simply because I trust my work, I am very picky and I am self-sufficient.  I would rather spend that money on clothes or trying new restaurants!  The only thing I would never do is cut my own hair, except my bangs, I do those too!

Even though I have a Myspace, Facebook and Blogger, I am a very private person!

I am a vegetarian, and my favorite food is NY cheese pizza and cupcakes are the best sweets!  I make the best grilled cheese. 

I recently made my dream of moving to Hollywood a reality!

I have 4 kitties: Biscotti, Emerson, Mango and Blackberry (BB), and a dog Baby.  I love animals!

I always have to custom blend my eyes shadows, lip glosses, nail polishes.  I seldom leave products in their original formula, I love being creative and concocting my own shades that I have difficulty finding in the market. 

I am not a fan of Coach, Louis Vuitton, etc. bags.  I think if a 13 year old girl is carrying it, I just chock it up to an expensive toy and I had better find something more sophisticated!

I have a few favorite colors: black, pink, aqua, tangerine, and different shades of each, and white.  

I love to travel! My goals in life are to visit all the splendid parts of Europe, Canada and America!

Even when I am alone, I never feel alone.

My family means the world to me, everything else is secondary.

House music is my religion!

I love clothes, handbags, sunglasses, candles, makeup, shoes, jewelry, and organizing it all!  I hate dirty and smudged makeup. I maintain mine very well.

I like the idea of SATC more than SATC itself.  I think the characters are superficial to say the least.

I love the fact that I never got sucked into Reality TV!!

I am an Esthetician/Makeup Artist professionally and I absolutely love what I do.  So much so that no matter how many hours a day I average, it never feels like work!

Well, there is so much more to me, but there are 16 little things! 


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Valentine's Day treats from Nina's Culinary Creations!

Valentine's Day is another indulgent holiday.  I love the look of these perfect holiday confections from Nina's Culinary Creations.  I can also vouch for the great taste as well, since the creator of all these and many more great dishes is none other than my fabulous mom!  She's such a culinary inspiration with endless creative ideas and passion for the art!

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Pretty in Pink Valentine's Day gifts

Pink stone faceted ring $4.80 

Pink jeweled gathered satin clutch $15.80

Mad Love Candles $25 from

Notes: Black and red raspberries, juicy peach, strawberry, coconut, lime zest, vanilla bean, and creamy cassis.

Miniature Heart Gift Box $5.50

Valentine's Day Truffle Gift Box $15.50

Bouclé cowlneck sweater on SALE now $29

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