Saturday, January 3, 2009

I heart Victoria's Secret!

Now on to all the scent-ually delicious fragrances I love from Victoria's Secret that I hope will never finish running their course.

If I am not careful, I can go through this bottle in about 3 weeks. I love this smell, it works all year, I just wish it was a little more resistant. I find that I have to reapply it ever few hours. Peach & berries among other notes.

I only use the body splashes that are sprayed directly on my clothes. Ever since becoming an Esthetician, I have completely transformed my beauty routine and beauty arsenal. I am currently using Eminence skin and body care. I have actually saved so much money not buying into the 3 for 20 or 5 for 30 marketing hype. It's a great deal, but the products also contain a great deal of junk that do my skin a great diservice. I would rather spend the money on clothes quite honestly, than have the entire collections teetering on the edge of my vanity.

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