Sunday, January 11, 2009

5 Disappointing Old Timers

I don't like to post negative comments about any product, but honesty is the best policy.  I have only tried three of the five I will mention, to be quite honest.  However, after conducting a little research, I deduced that the remaining with their not-so-positive qualities don't even merit a whirl. 

Johnson's Baby Oil

Two words really sum this up: Mineral oil.  You don't want that anywhere near your skin,  mineral oil offers zero benefit to your skin.  Removing your makeup with this is drying to the eye area.  The molecular structure of oil is too large to penetrate the often tight pores of the eye area, do not be fooled into thinking you're moisturizing the eye area and can forego an effective eye cream.  Also, the baby powder fragrance = alcohol content = eventual dryness = wrinkles.  Lastly, I never liked anything baby powder scented to begin with.  I used this once when I was younger after shaving my legs.  Nightmare!  Also, may cause milia around the eye area.

Cetaphil Cleanser

I know this gets rave reviews on a daily basis and people would buy this in gallons if it were manufactured in such a way.  I tried this after seeing how Allure elevated it to celestial status.  I didn't see the magic in it whatsoever.  I felt that I had a film left on my face, neck and decollete, my makeup was smeared, not removed, and it was stuck in my lashes and got into my eyes.  I tried flushing it out, but everything was blurry, felt as if I was swimming with my eyes open for about 15 minutes.  I also like a cleanser to foam up, tried the foamy version, still disappointed.  I tried this without water too, felt grimier than before I started, almost like my skin was suffocating.  I am probably one of the very few who has nothing positive to say about this, but I am ok with that.  

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

I love Maybelline's Full & Soft Mascara.  I would agree if it replaced this one.  The wand is to sparse to allow for thick beautiful lashes.  I tried it, wasn't thrilled about it.  Too bad, the packaging is super cute!


I detest mayo on everything, I can't even fathom wearing it on my head for moisturizing benefits.  The smell would make me nauseous.  You might as well crack a couple of eggs on your head, because that's the key ingredient in this sloppy mess.  There are wonderful deep conditioners on the market that will make your hair lustrous and beautiful and none of them require this artery-clogging smelly goop.

Sea Breeze Astringent

This is the product that has made women scared to death about using toners.  Of course, no one wants to dehydrate their skin, but in using this, parched skin is the result.  In the treatment room, I use toners as hydrators, refresher sprays, and to remove excess masque or other products.  I also love using it on planes, at the beach, hot summer days, or whenever my skin needs a refreshing mist to feel alive.  Toners are fabulous for adding extra hydration, just make sure yours doesn't contain alcohol.  Also, I have mentioned before how I love the toniques by Eminence.  In most cases, I spritz them directly on my face, neck, decollete, body, and not on a cotton ball/round as to not waste product frivolously absorbed and tossed out.

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Strawberry Blonde said...

I agree! the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara suked fro me too \: But I like the baby oil! Now im using another brand though "Corine the farme" and it's great ;)