Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What makes up Summer!!!

These are a few of the things that get me giddy & nostalgic when it comes to SUMMER!

Gotta have pretty hair no matter what the season!

I love a "sunkissed" look, especially against white clothing. But I love being healthy and safe about it too!

BBQs, picnics, family get togethers, fresh summer food, I love it all! Every event revolves around food.

Summer fashion staple! So comfy, simple and display fresh, bright summer pedicures!

I <3 Jamba Juice, or just making my own smoothies at home, they are so healthy and full of antioxidants!

I would love to make it to a tropical beach this year, Hawaii would be awesome!

Frozen yogurt shops are literally popping up like Starbucks and I couldn't be more excited, they are so accessible. My favorite is regular, pomegranate and peanut butter, with TONS of fresh fruit!

Just saw these in the latest LUCKY magazine and I did a double take, HAVE-TO-HAVE-THEM! So perfect with a short white strapless dress and my "faux" tan! :)

There are of course a whole lot more, but I could go on forever.

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

So this is my take on Valentine's Day makeup!


88 Palette dark brown second from the bottom on far right row, the 3 deep pinks in a row, and MAC Pink Freeze as a high light


Prestige Eyeshadow in Love and Maybelline Mineral Power Illuminator in Pink


Rimmel Lipstick in Pink Blush + clear gloss on top

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Great Hairstyles for work!

Having gotten a fresh haircut recently, a whole 6 inches, inspired me to look forward to stylish new ways play with it! Here are a few of my favorites!

The low side ponytail, a play on a cute childhood favorite. Just lowering the ponytail a few inches exudes an air of sophistication.

The high ponytail, such a classic, and not necessarily for bad hair days. I love this one because it is so very feminine, elongating the neck creating a ballerina-esque feel. It almost makes me feel taller and more poised.

How can you go wrong with three stylish and professional sophisticates? Love all these lovely-locked ladies! Long, loose playful curls cascade beautifully over Brooke's shoulders and back. Kim Raver's low chignon and side swept bangs are the ultimate in sophisticated and pretty, cute pearls too! And the ever adorable pink-cheeked Lindsay looks effortlessly chic with a clean upswept bun.

These are a few of the looks I am liking right now, perfect with any outfit, weather, jewelry. I love being a girl so I can play play play all day! :)

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Joico K-PAK Reconstructor

I try to be as gentle as I can, but let's face it, we put our hair through a lot and we STILL expect shiny results at any given time? At some point, I must call for deep conditioning reinforcements! I've posted before how wonderfully the Joico line works on my hair, so in the grand tradition of keeping within the same product line from cleansing to styling, I've added K-PAK Reconstructor and I absolutely LOVE IT!!

After 10 minutes of this buttery soft creamy conditioner permeating my very deprived strands, I'm left with smooth, shiny and very healthy feeling hair. And the smell is amazing as well, a coconut almost vanilla scent that makes my whole bathroom smell great too! I heart Joico!!!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pretty Pink Things!!!

I love using Valentine's Day to indulge in my favorite girlie color PINK! Not that I don't otherwise, but to honor the day, I make it a point to make little pink purchases here and there to really get into the spirit of it all! :)

Charlotte Russe, Pink Platform Pumps, $24.99

Charlotte Russe, Pleated Satin Tube Dress, $32.99

Charlotte Russe, Lace Satin Rose Clip, $2.99

Victoria's Secret, Sheer Pout Tinted Lip Balm SPF 15, $10

Victoria's Secret, PINK ME UP™ So Soft Lip Pot, 3/$15

Sephora, Delices De Cartier Eau de Parfum, $75

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Excited about Image Skincare!

Being an Esthetician, I have worked with a plethora of skin care lines, some I loved, and without naming anyone in particular, some I thought were just filler and fluff! Over time, I have decided that having a myriad of products to use on my face and body is just plain unnecessary, not to mention costly. I have defined the basis of what I need to stay clean, toned, moisturized, eye creamed, & SPF'd! So thanks to Image Skincare, I have my acne & oil production under control, sun protection without a sticky, tacky feel under my mineral makeup, and my body stays super moisturized with the body line of products & sunscreen! The products all smell great and work INSTANTLY!!! I have had breakouts heal overnight. I just can't say enough, I actually get really excited about shopping for and using Image products!

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