Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What makes up Summer!!!

These are a few of the things that get me giddy & nostalgic when it comes to SUMMER!

Gotta have pretty hair no matter what the season!

I love a "sunkissed" look, especially against white clothing. But I love being healthy and safe about it too!

BBQs, picnics, family get togethers, fresh summer food, I love it all! Every event revolves around food.

Summer fashion staple! So comfy, simple and display fresh, bright summer pedicures!

I <3 Jamba Juice, or just making my own smoothies at home, they are so healthy and full of antioxidants!

I would love to make it to a tropical beach this year, Hawaii would be awesome!

Frozen yogurt shops are literally popping up like Starbucks and I couldn't be more excited, they are so accessible. My favorite is regular, pomegranate and peanut butter, with TONS of fresh fruit!

Just saw these in the latest LUCKY magazine and I did a double take, HAVE-TO-HAVE-THEM! So perfect with a short white strapless dress and my "faux" tan! :)

There are of course a whole lot more, but I could go on forever.

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those shoes are amazing!! love them :) x