Friday, November 14, 2008

Victoria's Secret Winter Coats

Victoria's Secret consistently has the cutest selection of stylish Winter coats in great fabrics, color, style, price, and definitely can take you from day to night. I have realized over time that the versatility of an outfit is very beneficial, you never know what fun adventure pops up on your agenda.

Babydoll coat is adorably tailored with a vintage flare, very chic and elegant. I would definitely pair this with a pencil skirt or even jeans and pumps. Other colors include red and black, but I much prefer the white as it makes the black buttons pop.


Double-breasted A-line coat in twill. I must admit that I am not a huge supporter of wool, the texture and sensation does not appeal to me. Albeit this coat almost resembling a dress is gorgeous none the less. Love the cut, placement of pockets, color and the defined collar.


Double-breasted ruffle coat. Add ruffles to any article of clothing and the "girlie" appellative applies! I am sucker for details and ruffles is one of them, also the cinched waist, puffed sleeves, and perfect length.


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