Sunday, November 2, 2008


I love the seasons. I especially love seeing the seasons change, and I am definitely feeling fallish now. I am loving it so much. The crisp air blowing through my bedroom window at night, the myriad of colors that the leaves are turning, days are shorter and cozier. And pretty soon, it will all be about pulling out my sweaters, pants, scarves, gloves, boots, fall makeup palette and warmer polish colors, accessories, cozy socks, hot chocolate nights, maple & cinnamon oatmeal made with milk & butter, real caramel apple cider, pumpkin & pecan pies, intoxicatingly sweet candles, actually loving taking hot clothes out of the dryer and snuggling in them, piles of fleece blankies, cuddling with my kitties with the heater on, and watching movies that warm my heart even more! It's a very indulgent time of year for me and I am sure most. Staying in is the new going out in the fall & winter.

And not to omit my all time favorite, rain! I love the rain, it's so inspiring & cleansing. It makes me want to paint, although I haven't put brush to canvas for YEARS, my only canvas is faces these days. :) The smell of a rain shower coming on is enough to bring me all the way back to my European childhood, and riding bikes in the pouring rain in New York, wearing a yellow raincoat and screaming my head off in delight. :) Only when it rains and I am driving do I turn off the radio and just listen to all the rain has to say and breathe it in. Life is phenomenal.

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