Sunday, November 2, 2008

What's in my handbag?

Ok, so it's time to reveal what's in every girl's arsenal! What I simply can't leave the house without.

I usually tote a big handbag, that I change on a weekly basis, which I have a propensity to overload by the end of the week, unfortunately.

*Currently a black glossy tote with the initials B&H?? Hmm, no clue.

*Beginning with a oversized pink wallet that holds everything nicely, my credit cards, money, pen, insurance cards, and LIPGLOSS if need be. (If I am carrying a clutch, or a smaller handbag, I have a tiny Hello Kitty wallet with cute cupcakes on it that I put my money & license in for the evening, very convenient.)

*My phone, I would feel lost without it.

*Silver iPod Nano, with all the necessary tunes that I NEED to get me through my grueling hours at the gym.

*Makeup bag with black liquid liner, 4 lipglosses, mirror, lip balm, 2 lipsticks, eye shadow I am wearing that day. I don't usually reapply, but I feel more confident having it on hand. Sometimes if I am wearing chunky jewelry and I can't stand it by the end of the day, I drop it in there until I retire them to my jewelry chest at night.




*Gum and/or mints

*Small bag of plain almonds & dates

*Bottle of water

*Bottle of perfume, currently Pink Beach by Victoria's Secret

*Nail file

*Hydrating Toniques from Eminence so my skin doesn't become parched by day's end. Currently Wild Plum Tonique, smells so good!

*And finally my camera! I never leave the house without it! I love capturing my life in pix! I take about 150-200 pix a week. :)

*On Sunday nights, I clean out my handbag which is filled with receipts from the week's purchases, loose change and gum wrappers, I try to do this on a nightly basis for simplicity and to save time, but alas, I do get sidetracked and I forget sometimes.

**Occasionally I end up with really random things in there that I laugh when I realize I was carrying them. Recently: Barbie shoe, don't ask, half an apple, 10 floating lipsticks, 2 of them being the same color, stapler, and socks for the gym LOL

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