Monday, August 24, 2009

For the kid in me.....Hello Kitty!

I have always loved Sanrio stuff. I love the way new plastic wallets and coin purses smell :)

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I love jewelry!

I currently love dainty necklaces, especially in the Summer, I don't care to wear oversized anything, I feel encumbered. I love peachy pink tones, so very pretty.

Some of my necklaces, I acutally made the one on the far left. I adore this aqua color.
The necklace at the very bottom is my all time go to necklace when anything else just won't do.
Sometimes I feel like a little kid with candy jewelry, but they remind me of Summer and match just about any Summer outfit or bathing suit.

Fake pearls and clear jewelry, very simple but add a little glamour to black clothing :)

I decided to take inventory of my jewelry box recently and snapped a few photos of the contents. I love fashion and chunky jewels best. I have tons more to go through, haven't even gotten to the rings or earrings yet...coming soon! Enjoy!

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I love this place so much! I always get the same thing, BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad, only I have it w/out the chicken. It's so yummy and I love all the colors :)

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