Thursday, November 13, 2008

Winter Elegance

Winter weather always makes me conjure up decadent images that would be a fashion faux pas during other seasons.  The debater in me always wants to say, "Rubbish, just wear, be, style as you wish, no matter the time of year or night or day."  

While I still adhere to my rule of no rules, I must admit that I love to save the seductive looks especially for this time of year.  The big bang, save the best for last idea.  So here goes my list of little luxuries that I can't wait to indulge in! (And I don't wait, if I want a pick-me-up anytime during the year, I will don my beauty and mood boosters.) :)

Red lipstick.  Very sexy and seductive indeed, pair your red pout with dark aviators and you're good to go.  Unfortunately, not all women can pull off red lips, it is also true though that a force of confidence envelops you while you are wearing it.  While I am not a  slave to any shade in particular, I do ensure that it's a rich blue-red that I am applying, it better flatters my fair skin tone and blue eyes.  Yes, this is the season I am going to find myself the perfect shade of red.

Pearls.  A timeless piece of jewelry that will dress you up even when you are dressed down.  I own several sizes of both earrings and necklaces, albeit both fake, they put the exclamation point on my wardrobe.  

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