Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Excited about Image Skincare!

Being an Esthetician, I have worked with a plethora of skin care lines, some I loved, and without naming anyone in particular, some I thought were just filler and fluff! Over time, I have decided that having a myriad of products to use on my face and body is just plain unnecessary, not to mention costly. I have defined the basis of what I need to stay clean, toned, moisturized, eye creamed, & SPF'd! So thanks to Image Skincare, I have my acne & oil production under control, sun protection without a sticky, tacky feel under my mineral makeup, and my body stays super moisturized with the body line of products & sunscreen! The products all smell great and work INSTANTLY!!! I have had breakouts heal overnight. I just can't say enough, I actually get really excited about shopping for and using Image products!

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Sparkles84 said...

Great Post! I just graduated at Aveda institute as an esthetician, and the Image Skincare Rep's came in and gave us a training and introduced us the line I have tried their acne line and spf 15 and i love it!

Sparkles84 said...

Thanks! Being in skincare something is something have always loved.. any tips for just getting into this field? What type of spa do you work at? :)

Olimpia Writes said...

In this economy the best thing to do in my opinion is to work for a well-established spa that has a respected reputation! This is not a recession-proof career/field :)