Saturday, January 10, 2009

16 Random Facts

I love acrylic nails and I do them all by myself.  I can only have them on for a weekend or a few days considering my profession. That being said, I also do my own pedicures, hair, facials and other beauty treatments, simply because I trust my work, I am very picky and I am self-sufficient.  I would rather spend that money on clothes or trying new restaurants!  The only thing I would never do is cut my own hair, except my bangs, I do those too!

Even though I have a Myspace, Facebook and Blogger, I am a very private person!

I am a vegetarian, and my favorite food is NY cheese pizza and cupcakes are the best sweets!  I make the best grilled cheese. 

I recently made my dream of moving to Hollywood a reality!

I have 4 kitties: Biscotti, Emerson, Mango and Blackberry (BB), and a dog Baby.  I love animals!

I always have to custom blend my eyes shadows, lip glosses, nail polishes.  I seldom leave products in their original formula, I love being creative and concocting my own shades that I have difficulty finding in the market. 

I am not a fan of Coach, Louis Vuitton, etc. bags.  I think if a 13 year old girl is carrying it, I just chock it up to an expensive toy and I had better find something more sophisticated!

I have a few favorite colors: black, pink, aqua, tangerine, and different shades of each, and white.  

I love to travel! My goals in life are to visit all the splendid parts of Europe, Canada and America!

Even when I am alone, I never feel alone.

My family means the world to me, everything else is secondary.

House music is my religion!

I love clothes, handbags, sunglasses, candles, makeup, shoes, jewelry, and organizing it all!  I hate dirty and smudged makeup. I maintain mine very well.

I like the idea of SATC more than SATC itself.  I think the characters are superficial to say the least.

I love the fact that I never got sucked into Reality TV!!

I am an Esthetician/Makeup Artist professionally and I absolutely love what I do.  So much so that no matter how many hours a day I average, it never feels like work!

Well, there is so much more to me, but there are 16 little things! 


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