Sunday, May 10, 2009

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Pool Party

Popped into Victoria's Secret yesterday and made a beeline to the gorgeous Summer display of Beauty Rush Pool Party!  Instantly fell in love with Lemonita (left) and Frostea (right).   Both are very light, wish they were a little more potent.  Lemonita is a sweet lemon, mandarin and vanilla creating a hint of beach-y musk, not coconut, though.  Frostea is just that, refreshing iced tea with peach and orange juice.  

I love the colors, and best of all, there is NO oil in this collection as with the first Beauty Rush collection.  I don't like to mist perfume or splashes on my skin, therefore, I definitely don't want an oily residue on my clothes either!   (There was a third one called Coolada, I believe, coconut-scented, with lime and ginger, didn't really like that one.  I usually like coconut fragrances, but this one didn't do it for me.)

Berryminty (love the cooling sensation, right) and Candy, Baby (left) Beauty Rush lip glosses also caught my eye, I can't get enough of these!  They give off extraordinary shine, last pretty long and aren't too sticky.  I am very pleased! :)

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