Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ulta Professional Nail Lacquer - Tickle Me

I have been on a crusade to find the perfect "dirty mauve-violet" since I was thoroughly disappointed by MAC's A Rose Romance Love & Friendship Nail Lacquer.  

Just to elaborate, I had higher hopes for the MAC lacquer and I was sadly disappointed by what I saw in person.  I have to wonder just how many people would have purchased Love & Friendship had it been in a Wet & Wild bottle versus a MAC one?? [For the record, I love some of the W&W polishes].  I thought the color was bland and boring to say the least.  It did remind me of a powdery, faded, Victorian-era love color, though.

Cut to my trip to Ulta recently and I did a double take when I saw Tickle Me!  It's a completely different color than Love & Friendship, so I am not trying to find a dupe, but it placates my desire for finding a perfect violet for Summer or whatever season!  I am a happy girl!

I love the simple square packaging, reminds me of NARS.  Also, the square top gives me more control when I am applying product to my nails. 

$7, Ulta stores

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tina_mbc said...

Looks like a lovely colour! ;) x

Lynn said...

so pretty! going to have to go out and get this one.
I'm new to your blog. I love it!