Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cocoa Butter

I am really excited to find a health food store near me that markets fresh cocoa beans that contain raw cocoa butter!  When it's removed from the shell, it's firm, but melts to body temperature.  Not only is this pure moisturizer wonderful for smoothing skin, marks, dry patches, it also smells amazing!  Sends me to the tropics. 

 Until then, I am using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula and it's working great.  Just wish it didn't contain parabens and the mineral oil that it does.  It would be great if they revamped their formula to make it more healthy to use.

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GiGi said...

Ineed to gt some for the summer. My skin gets so dry & weird!

happy1234 said...

I really like this stuff and used to useit all of the time until I started using the Body Shops butter, Still a great product though.

Connie Khuzaie said...

Love it i can smell it now (lol) !!That smell reminds me of the beach !