Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pink Fish & Fashion Scoop

Two of my absolute favorite MAC lip products, top is Fashion Scoop Cremesheen from the Creme Team collection.  So smooth and sheer and smells great!  And of course, Pink Fish from the Hello Kitty collection, what an amazing balm, very glossy, beautiful pink shade + SPF!  I also love the packaging. 

My only complaints are, they run out way too fast (Cremesheens), and they were limited edition.  I hope they relaunch them, b/c they did really well and people really loved them.  

(A sales girl at a MAC counter once told me that they only have collections for limited time due to the fact that they can't recreate the colors again, they don't have the right formulas to keep recreating those same shades!  WHAT?  That's strange, in the UK, they are permanent, so I had to laugh at that.)  Lavender Whip lipstick for example, limited edition in the US, permanent in the UK.  

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Sarah said...

Hmm yeah that is weird!! And unfair!!!!!!!