Saturday, December 13, 2008


L-R: Vanity Fairest, Pink Is The Link, Room With A View, Mademoiselle, Formal Dinner, Cocktail Party

I love to combine Essie polishes and create my own looks, this is one of my favorites, Mademoiselle & Vanity Fairest together.

I finally found and visited the Ulta Beauty in Burbank a few days ago. My shopping experience has been good there in the past, I like the high end/drugstore end combined idea. Also makes it easier if you have to make multiple purchases from multiple stores, novel idea.

Upon inspecting my vast nail polish collection, I realized I was out of my beloved Mademoiselle from Essie. I wish I just stopped at Madmoiselle, but at the scene of the crime I realized I was out of Vanity Fairest, ooooh, and Pink Is The Link is adorable, and what lovely shimmer Room With A View has! Yes, I scored all four.

What I adore about Essie: long-lasting, hardly chips, quick-drying, uber shiny, don't need a top coat, but I add one just to protect, very wearable colors and sophisticated. The majority of the line, or I should say my favorite part of the line, is neutrals, pale pinks, beige, milky opaques, but no matter how similar they may look in the bottles, upon application it's a completely different effect, perfect for every mood, skin tone.

After deciding my final purchases, I looked at the Holiday Collection for 2008, namely the reds which I love on my toes this time of year. I liked a few but decided I had done sufficient damage thus far. So I was happy to find out that since I have an ULTA rewards card, with every $14 worth of Essie spent, you select a complimentary shade of red! I got the reds anyway, two of them, in Formal Dinner and Cocktail Party, what a sweet deal!

P.S. I do my own nails and toes.

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Little Thoughts and Lovely Things said...

are your nails acrylics? if they are, you do that yourself? or just the polish?