Friday, December 12, 2008

Mini Mac Collection

L-R: Creme D'Nude - Angel - Snob - Pink Nouveau - Girl About Town

While most girls, ladies, women rush out to get the latest and greatest from every new MAC collection, speaking of which, who launches new collections every two to three weeks? One collection hardly gets to shine or even take a bow, because it's pushed aside to allow for a hotter, trendier, sparklier one to take the limelight. I, myself, avoid the stampede simply because nothing has been all that captivating. Sure, under the florescent lights at the MAC counter everything looks fabulous, but not enough to make me want to palpitate with excitement. Of all the MAC collections I regret not investing in are the Heatherette and Barbie, simply because they had sold out by the time I got around to it. Maybe there will be dupes later....

Here are the tried and true lipsticks that I constantly pick up from the tester unit at the counter, turn it over, just to find out I have that at home. I then put it back and think, Gosh, I have all I really LOVE from MAC, from the myriad to choose from??


Anonymous said...

I like, I like I like...specially the pink ones...cute!

Little Thoughts and Lovely Things said...

i think it's good that some people actually don't go spend all their paycheck on a mac collection, when a new one will be coming out next week or month, just to get the cute package or something similar than what they already have. i mean some people go out and buy every single thing from every collection, and how can they possibly get use out of all their make up?