Wednesday, September 9, 2009

History repeats itself...

The history of beauty is today's topic. I am only going to date this historical point back to the history of the beauty pioneers of the last 100 years, as the concept of beauty dates all the way back to day one. When I think of beauty and fashion paragons, the likes of Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O come to mind. Their style was "simply" exquisite, their classic style made a statement and made a statement quickly, looks that made me think, that's just enough glamour. Clean, streamlined, monochromatic pieces that have transpired through the ages, that exude an air if mystery, which is always alluring.

These days with all the flourishing ingenuity that is vastly becoming available, I still see the classic building blocks shine through even if it's just in small doses. Every decade has had it's distinctive fashionable connotations that surrounded it. Although some of these looks we'd rather not relive, oh dear the mile high hair. (!?!) But on the other hand, in the words of Jack Berger spoken to Carrie in the Prada boutique, at that time, we looked "damn fine!" I remember looking in the mirror and thinking, yes! I've achieved the perfect tease! Ha ha ha!

We will always have the same principles in mind, defined lips, perfectly shaped brows, clean and healthy skin, bold statement eyes, even if the statement is soft and angelic...they're shouldn't always be a smokey eye to every look.

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