Thursday, July 2, 2009

My little tour of Little Tokyo, in Los Angeles

These two photos remind me of the little markets in Hawaii :)

Love water fountains. 
My camera was being funny, but this is the best shot of this building.

City Hall in the background, love this photo :)
Nothing I need, everything I want :)

This plaza was really cute!  
I loved this container, it had diamond impressions, and the fresh strawberries, kiwi and green grapes were delicious too!
Cucumber salad, CA rolls & Miso soup 
Tempura, one of my favorites.
Assorted veggies and Teryaki Salmon & salad, everything was delicious!  My friend Naomi and I had a great time, and the weather was perfect!

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R.C. said...

Mmmmmm... that food looks delish! what a cute little adventure! I love china town here in mtl... so cool... and everything is so cheap to buy! AMAZING!

Nina's Recipes said...

I wish I was there with you; I love it! XO

Aleksis said...

Love the pics....the food looks you think you could do a post on your fav/most used makeup products?? That would be amazing!



The Tempura makes me hungry yum

Connie K said...

Loving the lash pic!! And yummy Sushi~ XoXo Conie