Monday, July 6, 2009

Healthy Summer Hair

I never thought I would ever have to put such an effort into the maintenance of my hair, especially in the Summer.  Aren't those supposed to be "carefree days" ??  Well, lucky for me, I love the whole beautifying process and everything it takes to be a girly-girl!  

My hair can't talk but it says a whole lot after a day of sun, swimming, sun screen, salt water and being held hostage in an elastic.  So I baby it with these products to make it as healthy as possible!

I have been head over heels in love with this ultra-moisturizing conditioner since 2004 when I worked as a receptionist in a salon while attending beauty college to pursue my Esthetician license.  To reap the most benefit from it, I apply it liberally all over my hair after washing it at night, place a towel over my pillow and let it saturate every strand over night.  In the morning, I just rinse it out and style as usual.  Buuutter!
I cannot imagine blow drying my hair while it's completely naked!  I must use a protective, multi-tasking product such as this one!  Gives my hair the insulation from the intense heat, creates volume, controls flyaways and frizz, creates a slightly "dirty" texture that holds beautiful curls or flat ironed hair straight all day long!
Right after applying Silk Result, I follow with a quarter-sized amount of shine serum.  Spreading the serum all over my palms and beginning with my hair flipped over lightly dabbing the underneath part then flipping it up again and continue running my fingers throughout.  Careful not to concentrate on any one area for too long as it will make hair appear greasy!

And in the spirit of Summer, these all have a coconut/pineapple scent, amazing!  These products just make complete sense!

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Aleksis said...

I always loved the smell of joico products...I like how you use one brand too, I'm sure that helps a lot.