Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Media Overload?

Fact: We all love blogging!  We all love posting our new discoveries, photos, and anxiously await the latest and greatest from our favorite bloggers.   However, sometimes I know I feel drained from spending countless hours on the computer and I feel a little lost and out of touch with daily reality.  Therefore, I have compiled a 10 item list of fun little outlets away from our favorite outlet!  Enjoy!  And if you decide to try any or come up with your own, blog about it after your mini vaca away and tell us how you've enjoyed your precious time!

1. Explore your town - or a new one!  Hop in your car or on your bike and travel around, you never know what you will discover!

2. Be a photographer - find art around your neighborhood, flowers and trees are in bloom.

3. Have friends over for game night and canapes!  (No phones (other than emergencies), TV, or computers!)

4. Master your favorite dish!  Take up cooking several times a week.

5. Make your own jewelry - outdoors!  That's right, embrace the beauty of nature!

6. Try belly dancing, pilates, pole dancing, or surfing!

7. Plant some flowers.

8. Rearrange your room, maybe even paint one wall a celery green, icy blue or hot pink!

9. Have a gourmet picnic in a pretty park with your family and friends.  Get inspired with delish dishes from Ninasculinarycreations.blogspot.com

10. Transform your bathroom into your very own spa!  Spritz bath towels with lavender and peppermint essential oils, bubble bath, deep condition hair, cleanse and exfoliate skin, apply a mask, moisturize from head to toe and finish with a mani & pedi!  Sweet dreams!

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